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NWS50 - BC Dry Powder

NWS50 BC Dry Powder

BC powder is based on Sodium bicarbonate. The extinguishing powder interferes with the chemical reactions that take place in the combustion zone, thus the flame ceases to exist and the fire is extinguished.

The powder is nonconductive and may be used in the presence of an electric current.

BC powder will extinguish Class B (flammable liquid) fires and Class C (flammable gas) fires.

Rough terrain double bogey wheels are available.



  • Manufactured in Great Britain
  • Britannia offer a 10 year quality guarantee against material defects and workmanship
  • Colour coded labels
  • External CO2 side cylinder
  • Additional Anti-Corrosion Treatment Available
  • Also available as a lower cost Super BC powder model
  • Main approvals and certifications as below


Technical Specification
Model Capacity
Full Weight
Empty Weight
Operating Pressure
(Bar) @ 20c
Duration Secs
Range (M)
NWS50 50 94 42.65 -30º to + 60ºC 11.5 35 14 980 610 510

Covid-19 Update

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