• A4978_Britannia-Fire_Product-Icons_Robust-Industry No annual service
  • A4978_Britannia-Fire_Product-Icons_Large-Neck-Ring Fully accredited
  • A4978_Britannia-Fire_Product-Icons_10-year-Guarentee 10 Year guarantee
  • A4978_Britannia-Fire_Product-Icons_Fast-Extinguisher-Rate Long-lasting
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10 year service-free fire extinguishers

Designed and manufactured from concept to product, the P50 composite fire extinguisher is the biggest innovation in portable fire fighting equipment this decade.

Manufactured with over 10 years’ experience, the P50 is BSI Kitemark, UKCA, EN3, PED, and MED approved.

Each and every P50 comes with a:
• 20-year life cycle
• 10-year operational corrosion guarantee
• 10-year manufacturing faults and workmanship guarantee
• Patented Design


As a multi-purpose fire extinguisher, the P50 is also suitable for use on different types of fires including carbonaceous materials, flammable liquids, cooking oil and electrical:

  • Removing the need for multiple extinguishers on site.
  • Eliminating the risk of the wrong type of extinguisher being used for any given application.


Manufactured from stainless steel and brass nickel plated, the head cap also offers double magnetic gauges for the user to check pressure is accurate. The locking neck ring design is patented.

Outer Jacket

The red outer jacket is UV protected High-Density Polyethylene with UV cured ink to help prolong the durability of the product.

The weave

The internal bottle of the P50 is manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene and has an Aramid fibre material woven onto it. This material is incredibly lightweight and strong, giving the extinguisher a burst test pressure result of over 70 bar (the standard is 55 bar minimum). The weave is also patented.

Locking neck ring

The locking neck ring design is patented and secured onto the inner bottle.

The P50 Range


  • Long-lasting
  • 20-year lifecycle
  • 10-year manufacturer’s operational corrosion guarantee
  • 10-year manufacturing faults and workmanship guarantee
  • Super strength material
  • Kitemark, UKCA, PED, MED and EN3 approved
  • No service contract required
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Requires only one manufacturer’s overhaul at 10 years
  • Suitable for use on multiple classes of fire
  • Fully recyclable (minus contents)
  • Eliminates need for discharge tests every five years
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight for ease of operation
  • Can be self-maintained with an annual maintenance inspection to check magnetic gauges with a magnet
  • Accredited to the highest standards



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