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P50 installed across construction sites

December 13, 2016

The Bowmer & Kirkland Group, a family company employing more than 1400 staff and consisting of 29 subsidiary companies or divisions operating from Derbyshire, Birmingham, Manchester, Motherwell, Newark, Reading and in the USA, invested in P50s for its construction division.

Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd has more than 100 active sites working across all sectors throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

On-site safety is paramount so every installation has to be equipped with appropriate fire extinguishers. Previously this has meant a mixture of water or AFF, dry powder or CO2 extinguishers.

In addition, the harsh conditions of construction sites were always a challenge with the traditional steel extinguishers used.

Installing P50s enabled the company to simplify the types of appliance employed while still covering all eventualities.

The multi-use P50 can be used on Class A and Class B fires, and are safe for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000 volts at a distance of one metre. This means that on many sites a single appliance can be employed instead of three.

The P50s were perfect for the site environment because they are built from a very strong composite material and are not susceptible to dents, rust or corrosion like standard extinguishers.

Models with anti-freeze remain operational down to temperatures of -10 °C, so, as well as reducing the overall number of extinguishers required, Bowmer & Kirkland has appliances that are especially suited to the extreme conditions on some of its sites.



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