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P50 “the extinguisher of choice” for oil & gas

December 13, 2016

The oil price downturn has left oil companies looking for cost savings wherever they can.

Britannia Fire distributor in Aberdeen Clearwater took the P50 to market as soon as Britannia Fire senior management visited its Aberdeen office to demonstrate the P50.

Lee Morgan, Clearwater Solutions operations director, said: “We immediately saw the benefits that these units could bring to our clients.

“They are quickly proving to be the fire extinguisher of choice across many industries, both onshore, offshore and in the vehicle transport sectors.

“This is primarily down to the unique 10-year  guarantee. Negating costly annual service requirements generates significant cost savings over a 10-year period, vastly reducing the cost of ownership compared to traditional steel extinguishers.

“This we believe is a very compelling message, that is wholly in alignment with the current climate and the desire of clients to realise cost-cutting measures across the board.”

Clearwater Fire Solutions has sold large quantities of P50s and also increased its client base with the the oil and gas sectors.

“With all our clients, we always give them the choice of traditional steel versus the P50 equivalents and have found that nine times out of 10 the client chooses the P50 after seeing the cost benefits over 10 years’ cost of ownership,” Lee said.

The savings over 10 years are illustrated in the graph below.

The graph compares 1000 6 litre P50 units to their traditional steel counterparts.

It shows “break even” after year two with considerable savings over 10 years in annual service costs.

Further savings of about 40 per cent are achieved by reducing the overall quantity of extinguishers needed in premises.

One P50 unit will replace two traditional steel unit twin 13a fire points, while still improving the overall fire rating because of the P50’s unique 27a rating.

“We have found Britannia Fire to always go the extra mile and all their staff to be both extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

“When we ask for quotes, we normally receive them within an hour. Other companies we deal with for different products can take up to a week to respond to an email, even before we get a quote.

“Clearwater Fire Solutions would highly recommend Britannia Fire as a reliable supplier and have found all their products to be of the highest quality.

“Many clients appreciate that their product are manufactured in the UK.”






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