University of Brighton

July 12, 2016

The University of Brighton is saving more than £210,000 in 10 years by exchanging all its fire extinguishers to the composite P50.

The university was spending £30,000 a year on maintenance costs for the 1653 previous extinguishers across its 55 sites.

When the university’s annual extinguisher servicing contract was about to expire, it decided to change every unit to the multi-use, recyclable P50, which fitted perfectly with the university’s green policy.


We met Britannia Fire at a university fire safety conference and were impressed with what we saw. The P50 is a single point extinguisher and the user doesn’t have to make decisions based on the type and colour coding of extinguishers. This also means we needed fewer extinguishers. From the university’s point of view, the potential for savings was great. The P50 doesn’t have to be serviced or replaced for 10 years. It fits perfectly with the university’s green policy because it is recyclable.

Nick Greenwood University fire safety adviser

More than nine hundred P50s were installed during September 2015 in the university’s halls of residences, teaching buildings, laboratories, sports facilities, library and Student Union by Britannia Fire distributors Tower Fire.

Nick Greenwood, university fire safety adviser, said the potential savings offered by the P50 meant the switch had been a “total no brainer.”