Anglia Water

December 15, 2022

Anglian Water approached Britannia Fire for a solution to the difficulties it faced servicing its metal extinguishers across its large number of sites. Many extinguishers were situated in isolated plants and hard-to-reach sites, which posed difficulties for servicing engineers making their annual checks.

Before each service, Anglian Water staff had to collect all the units and take them to a central point for the service engineer to complete his tests, taking up valuable staff time. The increasing logistical problems prompted the company to look for a solution.

The P50, which is self-maintained for 10 years, needs simple three-step inhouse checks that can be carried out by Anglian Water staff. Made of composite, the P50 is also corrosion-free, which provided another answer to Anglian Water’s issues with its traditional extinguisher stock.

A4798_Anglian Water Image

The P50 extinguisher has been a great buy for the business, it has saved significant time and money with wasted site visits to meet contractors to service and again when we have missed visits or we had not taken extinguishers in, not to mention fuel and the cost of the servicing in the first place.

Michelle Ketley Anglian Water

The extinguisher is made from a multi-layer inner cylinder wrapped in Kevlar thread, the same material used in bullet-proof vests. More than 1200 P50s were installed across all the company’s plants, saving £45,000 a year on maintenance and servicing contracts.

Savings were even greater because of the staff time saved collecting up the extinguishers once a year for servicing.


It was a logistical nightmare for us to bring them in, get them serviced and then get them back out to remote sites, whilst all the time leaving us vulnerable to fire whilst they were away from site. It has been a massive cost and time saving for Anglian Water and would highly recommend not just the P50 extinguishers but Britannia Fire to other companies.

Michelle Ketley Anglian Water