Our History

Established in 1970 by Roger Carr, Britannia Fire is a UK patent-holding manufacturer of portable and mobile fire extinguishers, continually inventing and innovating our products to save lives, help the environment and offer the best fire fighting protection to our clients. We are proudly accredited to the highest standards, including BSI Kitemark which we have held for over 35 years.

Britannia Fire


Norwich-born Roger Carr founded Britannia Fire to manufacture, service and maintain fire extinguishers.

1980 - 2000

Within 10 years the company had grown substantially, expanding its distributor network and exporting worldwide, flying the Great British products off the shelves! Continually inventing, Roger Carr launched the Britannia Head Cap as a robust, easy use and colour coded for a 360° degree type identification. This head cap is still in production to this day on the Britannia Range with its large neck ring for ease of refilling particularly in offshore environments.

2000 - 2020

After a brief retirement, Roger Carr returned to the business in 2009 with his biggest invention - The P50, the first composite fire extinguisher in the world! Since its launch in 2010 we have sold over 300,000 P50's across the globe to over 12 countries with the range still growing in different sizes and models.

2020 - today

Our export department is increasingly growing with lots of companies signing up to be our P50 distributor. We have also continued with innovation and released a P50 6ltr PFAS Free extinguisher. A 2ltr and 9ltr are due to be tested early 2024.